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Come inside the whimsical mind of Scottish artist and journalist, Portis Wasp. His creative, cheeky collages have taken on a life of their own through his Instagram account where you’ll be greeted with male models and iconic celebrities mixed with the colorful childhood universe of Disney. His distinct and playful style has gotten quite the attention of the fashion world leading him to contribute to magazines Paper, Garage and Odda. But apart from his artwork, he’s also quite the journalist having interviewed models to musicians to many of fashion’s most socially-loved icons. We’ve decided to have him sit on the other side of the table and answer a few of our questions to see what’s going on inside Portis Wasp’s World…

If you had to be a Disney character, who would it be?

Think I’m resigned to playing Pascal the chameleon from the film Tangled.. He always looks so ‘over it’, and that’s a face I already wear all too well.

What are the things that you absolutely cannot live without?

My family, friends, films, music, and losing myself in nature.

You’ve worked with some of the industry’s best and brightest! Who else would you like to add to your personal roster?

I would love to work with so many creatives but collaborating with someone like Steven Klein would be a total dream. I’m going to keep mentioning him in conversation until it happens.

Portis Wasp is now a theme park! What are some of the rides I can expect?

OMG. BEST. THEME PARK. EVER! There would be rides like The Tickle Monster which would be an indoor ride that you would ride in complete darkness and every time the ride goes around a corner random hands will pop out of the walls and tickle you!  Actually, that sounds a little creepy… I mean, I think it could be fun? I just love a good tickle!
There would also have to be some sort of ride that allows you to travel through some of my collage creations, so that you can visit lots of different worlds and feel like you’re actually in one of my collages!  I don’t think you’d get tickled on that ride though as there would already be a lot going on in that one.
I don’t think I’d have any rides that go upside down either as I don’t really like them, but I like the idea of a ride called Model Buddy which is for people who like theme parks but don’t have any friends so they can actually sit beside a real model buddy on the ride and feel like they have a friend for the duration of the ride. I imagine I’d work exclusively with IMG on that ride idea and we’d obviously make it clear that you can’t be a creep and that you’re not allowed to touch your model buddy at any time. My theme park would get shut down after one day, wouldn’t it?

What is your most Scottish personality trait?

Incessantly complaining about the weather.

If you had to be stuck in an elevator with somebody, who would be your first choice?

Steven Klein. I’m confident I’d wear him down enough that by the time we were saved he’d say yes to collaborating with me just to shut me up!

I’m coming over to yours for dinner. I’ll bring the wine, what are you cooking?

Well, I’m not actually that much of a wine drinker if I’m honest, so you can drink the wine you brought with you as quickly as possible so that by the time the main course is ready you won’t even care that I’m not a very good cook! If I was a better cook I’d make us tapas as I think its a fun way to eat with someone else.

What can we expect next from the magical mind of Portis Wasp?

Danger, intrigue and a thick slice of photoshop!

For more Portis’s collages: @portiswasp1


Interview by Charin Chong

Cara Delevigne by Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine

Cara Delevigne by Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine


Trevor Signorino by Matthew Zink

Gigi Hadid by Mert & Marcus

Gigi Hadid by Mert & Marcus

Rihanna by Norman Jean Roy for Harper's Bazaar

Rihanna by Norman Jean Roy for Harper’s Bazaar

Julian Schneyder for Made in Brazil Magazine

Gia Genevieve for Playful Promises

Gia Genevieve for Playful Promises