We had the chance to meet talented young designer Cricss during the Alba Iulia leg of Feeric Fashion Week. Based in Berlin, she presented her collection on the industrial rooftop of the municipal hall which served as a perfect backdrop for her unisex avant garde creations. Flowing garments in black cascaded down the runway, peppered with bouts of transparency, structural elements, metal and lace. This bold juxtaposition aims to deconstruct the ideals of beauty in our current society. We sat down with the designer to discuss these exact ideals, her inspirations and how they fit into her latest collection.

Your FW16 collection is entitled « The Beautiful People », what was the inspiration behind this? 

The main source of inspiration was the desire to allow humans to express their mood, their spirits, their personalities, regardless of their jobs and no matter where they are, with no fear of being judged.

Feeric_Cricss_SebastianMarcovici3What is your personal idea of « Beauty »?

Beauty for me comes from inside, every person has their own kind of beauty. Our uniqueness is the most beautiful thing.

Can you tell us what drew you to become a designer?

Above all, I am an artist, and the desire of helping people to feel free in what they wear came after I learned about their need for freedom.

Your dark palette has strong accents of metal, leather and lace. What draws you to these colors and textures?

I don’t think I have ever chosen the darkness, I was born with this style. Deconstruction, sexuality of humans, body lines (which is the most beautiful art) must be exposed. The colour, the chains, the textures help me to expose the escape of an chained dark soul.

Feeric_Cricss_SebastianMarcovici2Your creations are unisex in their construction. Was this a conscious choice for you?

I see women and men equally, equality between sexes is my point of view. For example, I often buy men’s pieces and wear them, I love a long dress on a man just like I love a tie on a woman’s neck.

You currently live in Berlin. Is there anything about this city that inspires your designs?

This city gives me good vibes, people and this mix of originality work hand in hand for my inspiration. The diversity I find here takes me, plays with me and gives me life, I definitely belong in Berlin.

What sort of music are you currently listening to?

Music is one of my hobbies, at this moment I am learning how to make my own music, not only for my shows. Techno is one of my favourites but I am not obsessed, it depends on my mood. I also like rock, opera, jazz and the classics.

Feeric_CricssHow do you relax when you’re not working on your collections?

I have a lot of hobbies, I like to live life to the fullest. An adrenaline rush is what I do to relax.

Lastly, what else can we look forward to from Cricss?

I would like to make people reflect about their own souls, I want to send a message loud and clear, that we are beautiful, our souls need to feel freedom. Every collection will be a message to show to the world, to help and to bring change through art.

Feeric_Cricss_CornelPetrusCricss @ Feeric Fashion Week / Photos by Sebastian Marcovici & Cornel Petrus