Since its debut in 2012, art collective/brand Etudes Studio has brought a fresh, youthful energy into Paris streetwear and for AW17 we were treated to no less. Founded by Aurélien Arbet & Jérémie Egry, the brand continues to boast a steadfast following through their experimental and artistic vision. Etudes’s bold graphic designs have already become an iconic staple in the midst of Paris’ creative scene.

EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune12 EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune9EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune13This season we are presented with their collection n°11, « Never Mind », a nod to Nirvana’s legendary album of the same name. Through the lens of Etudes and its brilliant co-conspirators, we see a grungy slice of intimate life and domestic spaces. References include a casual tabletop of an ashtray and a coke can by artist Dike Blair emblazoned onto a silk blouse, while an oversized shirt bears the poster of Gus Van Sant’s, « Mala Noche ». The graphic prints of Matthew Chambers are also spotted wrapped around a model on a blanket-sized puffer jacket. Other key looks include supersized scarves tumbling down models’ shoulders and the words « Never Mind » seen scrawled across sweaters in a Coca-Cola-esque font.

EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune3EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune2 EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune11 EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune4The palette here remains muted, burgundy, rust and tabacco browns, like the faded, cigarette-scented furniture of a well-lived in apartment. There’s something so cosy and comfortable about the collection, one that calls out to the procrastinators everywhere who enjoy spending their days draped in satin pyjamas or soft, chunky knits. And as Nirvana’s cellist Lori Goldston’s completed the 90s vibe, we allowed ourselves to be lulled into the beautiful nonchalance of Etude’s universe.

EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune5 EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune6 EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune8EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune14EtudesStudio-AW17-QuentindeLadelune10Photographs by Quentin de Ladelune