The iconic Yumi Katsura showcased another stunning collection during Paris haute couture week, one where we could clearly see the designer’s love for the quintessential kimono. Through a flurry of majestic canvases, we see this traditional Japanese garment redefined and transformed to take up a new identity.


The kimono is given a modern make over, revamped as a flirty day dress, or reminiscent in a cascading silk cardigan. Katsura’s signature tribute to the stretched sleeves or « Furisode » which are implemented onto robes and dresses as a declaration of femininity and seduction. But the precious elements are indeed the monumental prints, inspired by the Japanese nature and scenery of cherry blossoms, bamboo and flowers.

Backstage_Yumi_Katsura3  Backstage_Yumi_Katsura4


The ancient Yuzen dyeing technique for traditional silk kimonos are also used while delicate embroidery decorate evening dresses and bring together influences and inspirations from the East and the West. We also saw a spatter of menswear infused with the same noble prints on silk chemises and dinner jackets. The star of the show was a luscious golden evening gown with an impressive train of peacock feather motifs cascading down the length of the dress.

YumiKatsura-SS17-HauteCouture  YumiKatsura-SS17-HauteCouture3

YumiKatsura-SS17-HauteCouture8  YumiKatsura-SS17-HauteCouture6

For accessories, models sported colorful turbans and equally pop-colored sunglasses as a tribute to Katsura’s iconic personal style. The carefully curated show was a love song between tradition and modernism, as we journeyed into the mystical world of Japanese art and culture.

YumiKatsura-SS17-HauteCouture4  YumiKatsura-SS17-HauteCouture5

YumiKatsura-SS17-HauteCouture7  YumiKatsura-SS17-HauteCouture2

Photographs courtesy of Yumi Katsura