For his first ever presentation in Paris, at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, renown young Israeli designer Alon Livne showcased a collection that explored his personal experiences combined with his wonder on the origins of life.

Inspired by Japanese pattern maker and graphic designer Kazumasa Nagai who made a big impact in the 60s and 70s, Livne translates these inspirations into a collection that experiments with the boundaries of the biomorphic and fluid shapes that we find in nature. Another inspiration for the collection comes in the form of industrial architecture and the clean, structural lines that it evokes.

show-lookbook-alon-livne-23  show-lookbook-alon-livne-12

Livne juxtaposed these fluid forms, seen emblazoned like puzzle pieces on sculptural dresses with over-sized shoulders, or on massive floppy hats. He also brings transparency into the mix by allowing these strong silhouettes to be accompanied with delicate see-through materials. He examines the relationship between dressed and undressed, all with a pink-flowing fountain serving as the backdrop.

Alon Livne’s creativity extends to his color palette, where pink shades are spread throughout the collection and is paired with bold reds, white and black. Though the collection proposes some fearless ideas, it is nonetheless introduced with a naive and fun approach that makes it a standout for SS17.

show-lookbook-alon-livne-18 show-lookbook-alon-livne-11

show-lookbook-alon-livne-19 show-lookbook-alon-livne-6

show-lookbook-alon-livne-16 show-lookbook-alon-livne-14

Alon Livne SS17 Lookbook shot by Sylvain Lewis / Images courtesy of L’Appart PR