For Fall 2017, Etro showcased a psychedelic collection inspired by the mystical power and natural beauty of mountains. Mankind’s aspirations to conquers these peaks have always alluded to our own spirituality, and for designer Kean Etro, the collection explored the realms of the temporal and fantastical. Etro’s garments paid homage to the world’s legendary mountains and we’ve been invited along on this enlightening expedition.

Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune5 Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune3Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune7Kaleidoscopic patterns are paired with rich fabrics and manipulated to enhance their sensations. Lush velvet jackets and floral coats are printed to give them a rough, earthy texture. Woolen sweaters are dyed with Shibori techniques while signature Etro elements like paisley are displayed on quilted vests. Nature is obviously at the heart of the collection, and the familiar faces of mountain-dwelling friends like bears, wolves and bucks are sprinkled throughout.

Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune4 Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune12Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune22Traditional tailoring is combined with technical innovation, seen in garments designed to survive the elements like water-resistant patchwork parkas and nylon trousers equipped with drawstrings. This extended to Etro’s wide range of accessories for the budding mountaineer – sturdy hiking boots, third-eye sunglasses, sleeping bags and heavy-duty backpacks that are just as functional as they are fashionable. Lastly, we see paisley once again, but this time on snowboards and skis, something you never knew you needed until now. Etro presented a collection that balanced playful with spiritual, reminding us that we are all long overdue for a soul-searching journey to the mountains.

Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune15Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune21 Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune9Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune13Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune11 Etro-Milan-Quentin-de-Ladelune17Photographs by Quentin de Ladelune