For his AW17/18 collection, designer Alberto Zambelli allows us to get lost in his intimate universe, where femininity hangs in the balance of theatricality. Inspired by the artistic imagery in Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s « The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant », we discover a modern collection where multiple elements collide, showing the multi-faceted qualities of Zambelli’s woman.

Models look like they’ve spent the day lounging in their bedrooms, elegantly disheveled with an air of nonchalance. Lacy nude petticoats and floral pyjama patterns are combined with mesh, PVC and neoprene to give them sporty touch. Shiny metallics seen in padded coats and geometric pants gave the collection a futuristic edge. Dresses are emblazoned with a collage of polaroids and fanny packs are made cool again amidst other quirky accessories like furry collars, sleeping masks, and face-covering bonnets.

Photos by Quentin de Ladelune

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