For brand Frankie Morello, moving forward in the present is all about understanding our evolution from the past. Their latest Autumn/Winter 17/18 menswear and womenswear collection, ‘Frankie Goes to Space’, is not only about interstellar travel but also a reflection of mankind’s roots. Instead of asking, « Where are we going? », the Italian brand encourages to ask perhaps the more pertinent question of « Where did we come from? »

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Frankie Morello explores the dynamics between our evolution and aesthetics, and this is seen through the collection’s vast mix of references from Egyptian hieroglyphics to space-age pictographs. Look close enough and you’ll see present day digital emoticons sharing the canvas with ancient beetles, and Nefertiti rocking the virtual reality glasses. Everything is interlaced on an array of formal attire, sportwear, and urbanwear which ties into the history of dress and how powerful it once was as a symbol of communication.



We see male models displaying their metamorphosis when classic dinner jackets are given elaborate wings, or in biker outfits that could also double as space suits. The menswear is kept subtle in dark tones like on the black on black velvet sweater showing an obscure face that is either ancient or alien. The womenswear allowed more freedom in designs and colors as constellations cascade down lace dresses and rockets shoot across knitted tops. Every day, technological advancements take us one step further into the future that we have ever been. Frankie Morello takes fashion and gives it a vision and identity borne from our past, to ensure the awareness of our present.

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Photographs by Quentin de Ladelune