We’re kicking off 2017 with the inspiring collections coming out of London Fashion Week Men’s 10th edition. After the roller coaster of 2016, the slate has been wiped clean and with the re-branding of the fashion week (no longer London Collections Men), we’re once again invigorated with a fresh sense of optimism. Both newcomer and established designers transcend our previous conceptions prepping us with key styles for the season. Here are some of our favorite highlights coming out of our neighboring fashion capital.

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Bobby Abley AW17

Bobby Abley

For the 90’s kids out there, Bobby Abley’s collection is for you. In anticipation of the Hollywood film remake of the beloved TV series, Abley takes us on a blast to the past in search of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The nostalgic collection brought back all sort of iconic memories of the pop-culture phenomenon and on the runway, the designer had no intention to be subtle about it.

Playful sweaters with the faces of the 5 different Rangers were given a furry revamp, dinosaur prints peeked out of tracksuits or were paired against the designer’s own « BA » monogram. Cloth belts seen on wrists and waists paid homage to the series’ martial arts roots and models toted Power Ranger helmets to seal the deal. A sporty, contemporary collection and if you can’t wait till next winter to get your Ranger on, you’ll be thrilled to know that a selection of pieces from this collection are already in Selfridges in the UK.

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J.W.Anderson AW17


Winter Has Come for J.W.Anderson, as he gave us cozy insight to his vision for braving the colder months. Fresh-faced, young models strutted down the runway almost drowning in oversized knitted sweaters, cardigans or scarves that seemed endless. Some standout themes seen in the collection were the stained glass window motifs on printed shirts which added a slight medieval vibe and the ‘not-your-grandma’s’ rainbow-colored crochet squares adorning the sleeves of coats, bags and haphazardly placed atop shoes. There were also super long sleeves and trousers with almost unnoticable tied-up kneepads.

His palette consisted of bright oranges, blues, purples and yellows which provided a welcome burst of color for the Fall. The collection reveled in its « Britishness » and showcased Anderson’s knack for taking minimal concepts and creating something that is not just experimental but also highly wearable.

VivienneWestwood6   VivienneWestwood2

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Vivienne Westwood AW17

Vivienne Westwood

A dramatic, high-voltage show marked the return of iconic Vivienne Westwood where London’s landscape has changed quite a bit since the brand last graced the catwalk. The move back is part of an effort towards environmental consciousness, also reflected in the title of her sizable « Ecotricity » collection. Westwood was armed with the arts and theatre as her inspiration, two things that have always been dear to the designer and allowed us to see the diversity of her signature tailoring.

Gender-fluid silhouettes were worn by both male and female models, and rich textures were elaborately layered. Patches and abstract prints were emblazoned on oversized sweaters. Funky accessories like childlike paper crowns, metallic brogues and boots as well as quirky face painting brought the collection its theatrical flair. Some of the best looks were Westwood-classically draped dresses and skirts in tulle, worn by boys and girls alike, superbaggy trousers, knitted tunics and wide-shouldered dinner jackets. A bold, jubilant collection to bring the week to a close by London’s queen of punk.

By Charin Chong