Ziad Nakad’s sophomore collection at this year’s Paris Haute Couture week established the Lebanese designer’s eye for details. In the luxurious setting of the Westin hotel, the pastel-tinted collection became Nakad’s blooming garden of inspiration. Floral patterns and embossed butterflies were intertwined and presented through laser-cutting techniques, three-dimensional forms and sophisticated embroidery.

ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune05ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune02ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune07ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune04The delicate structure of his creations was a perfect homage to butterfly wings, or if you could imagine a chrysalis dripping with Swarovski crystals. The heavenly gowns were accompanied with shimmering belts and studded handbags to round off the collection. His ethereal collection allowed us to see a paradise befitting of the haute couture label in a dreamy palette of pale pinks, greys, yellows and blues. Ending with a majestic bridal gown befitting for the new royals, Ziad Nakad elevates his fleeting vision of elegance and leaves us longing for the Spring.

ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune09ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune12ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune01 ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune10ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune03 ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune11 ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune14 ZiadNakad-SS17-QuentindeLadelune16Photography by Quentin de Ladelune