Feeric Fashion Week continued to impress us with the creativity of their shows and unique locations, spanning the cities of Alba Iulia and Sibiu in Romania. It was an rare experience where journalists, backstage teams, photographers and designers had the opportunity to connect, providing a perfect terrain to discover international talents and support each other within the fashion industry. Young designers mingled with established ones and the takeaway for all parties was a fresh outlook on the future of fashion as a whole.

Here is the second part of our highlights from Feeric Fashion Week, and in case you missed it, you can check out our first part here.


Feeric_AgathaRuizdelaPrada_CornelPetrus3 Feeric_AgathaRuizdelaPrada_CornelPetrus6Feeric_AgathaRuizdelaPrada_CornelPetrus4 Feeric_AgathaRuizdelaPrada_CornelPetrus

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada @ Feeric Fashion Week / Show images by Sebastian Marcovici, Backstage images by Fang Bo Hung


Celebrated Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada once again welcomed us into her bubbly, rainbow-colored world. One of the most iconic brands to come out of Madrid, Ruiz de la Prada injected a dose of vibrancy at Feeric Fashion Week with her fun-filled collection for Fall that didn’t shy away from being loud.

It was clear to see why her collections have garnered international acclaim as models trotted down the runway all smiles in candy-colored platform heels and funky sunglasses. We were treated to glittering tracksuits, wide-legged trousers, vivid tights and sweater dresses, a few of which had Ruiz de la Prada’s trademark name or initials emblazoned on them. At the end of the show inside the Redal Expo venue, all the models graced the runway alongside the designer to a well-deserved standing ovation from the front row.

Feeric_YvanAndreu_CornelPetrus4 Feeric_YvanAndreu_CornelPetrus2  Feeric_YvanAndreu_CornelPetrus Feeric_YvanAndreu_CornelPetrus3Feeric_YvanAndreu_CornelPetrus6 Feeric_YvanAndreu_CornelPetrus5

Yvan Andreu @ Feeric Fashion Week / Runway images by Cornel Petrus


Taking us on a journey into the future was Yvan Andreu’s collection entitled simply, « 23 ». Coming from a family with a background in the fashion industry, Andreu continues the legacy with his own fresh take on fashion since he launched his brand in 2014. His vision is to create « fashion for the unconscious mind » adopting a futuristic approach with minimal lines, innovative technologies and experimenting with modern materials. 

In « 23 », Andreu presented a youthful, unisex collection infused with a seventies vibe yet aimed for the new generation of trend-setters. Playing with geometrics and straight-forward silhouettes, his creativity shone through in the usage of textures like neoprene and vinyl. The psychedelic prints seen on multiple pieces were inspired by aquatic life, adding an organic touch to the energetic, sport-chic collection that can easily be spotted in any fashion capital.

Feeric_AlinaMoza2Feeric_AlinaMoza_CornelPetrus3 Feeric_AlinaMoza_CornelPetrus2Feeric_AlinaMoza_CornelPetrus Feeric_AlinaMoza_CornelPetrus4

Alina Moza @ Feeric Fashion Week / Runway images by Cornel Petrus


Young Romania designer Alina Moza blended tradition with modernity with her collection, « Axis Mundi ». A conceptual collection steeped in philosophy, Moza aspired to dissect the structure of cosmos, body and soul by examining how sacred « dressing » is to the crux of humanity. She creates garments that echo a variety of long forgotten cultures but are still wearable today.

Her collection had a nostalgic feel, seen in dainty high collars, embellished sleeves, full dresses, and panels on skirts and trousers. Men looked sophisticated in embroidered vests, 3-piece suits and long overcoats while the overall palette relied heavily on beiges, whites and soft blues. A subtle pattern unified the collection and using a canvas of organic fabrics like linen, wool, cotton and silk, Moza showed us the importance of bringing our past identity with us into the future.


Feeric_CyliaDorra_CornelPetrusYoung Lebanese designer Cylia Dorra set the stage for her show with traditional music and wafting incense on the charming Manejului Street in Sibiu. The delicate materials of Dorra’s gowns were juxtaposed against structural, embroidered waist pieces which added another dimension to the elegance of her collection.

Feeric_Seroussi_CornelPetrus Feeric_Seroussi_CornelPetrus2

One of the few full mens’ collections to present at Feeric, Romanian label Seroussi prides itself in the high quality production of refined menswear. From casual sports jackets to business suits to formal tuxedos, their Italian-sourced fabrics and craftsmanship offers a « Classic meets Modern » selection for today’s gentlemen.

Feeric_AnaMariaGalan_CornelPetrus Feeric_AnaMariaGalan_CornelPetrus2

Spanish designer Ana María Galán presented the latest collection, « I’iwi » for her brand El Alfeñique Rojo at the iconic Brukenthal Palace. Inspired by the flora and fauna of Hawaii, her clean-lined garments in shades of orange, greens, pale yellows and greys were embellished with multi-colored fringe and embroidered flora & fauna.

Cylia Dorra, Seroussi, Ana María Galán @ Feeric Fashion Week / Runway images by Cornel Petrus