Feeric Fashion Week ran its 9th edition from the 16th till the 23rd of July, and we had the pleasure of discovering first hand what it meant to « Feel Feeric ». It was one of its most successful editions ever, uniting over 50 Romanian and international designers from all over the world. The annual Feeric Fashion Week continues to carve a strong reputation as a highly-acclaimed fashion event in Eastern Europe and is certainly one of the most creative ones, anywhere.

Spread across the picturesque landscapes of Transylvanian cities Alba Iulia and Sibiu, we were taken to locations that we’d never dreamed of – from inside the lion’s den at the Sibiu Zoo to the sacred walls of an ancient fortified church, navigating through the haphazard tubes of a flour factory and finally balancing upon the rotating platform of a train depot – Feeric Fashion Week provided guests with a unique experience intent on elevating fashion to an art form. Kudos are definitely in order to president, Mitichi Preda and his passionate team who worked tirelessly to make Feeric Fashion Week truly unforgettable.

To start off, here is the first part of our highlights from the talented designers who showcased their creations at Feeric Fashion Week.

Bianca Popp @ Feeric Fashion Week / Show images by Sebastian Marcovici


A Master graduate from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Romanian designer Bianca Popp started her label in 2009 after having designed for 10corsocomo. Popp’s ideal is to create garments that tell a story while complementing the individuality of the wearer. Her creations are an opus to the feminine form using elegant lines balanced with a soothing color palette.

For her latest collection « Fast Forward Romance », we entered the Sibiu Zoo to find models huddled together inside the lion’s den. One by one, they emerged from the cage allowing us to fully view each of Popp’s creations. Weightless dresses in pastel hues gave way to darker shades of midnight blues and blacks. We saw her signature elements continued in messy knots, bell sleeves and asymmetrical drapings. Kimono waistlines and backless accents kept the collection to its romantic core while the savage surroundings brought the show to an otherworldly level. As the last model left the cage, the lions were released – a majestic end to a strong collection.

Feeric_SarahJessyJones_CornelPetrus Feeric_SarahJessyJones_CornelPetrus2
Sarah Jessy Jones @ Feeric Fashion Week / Runway images by Cornel Petrus


Argentinian duo Diego de Biase and Eduardo Perez Gonzalez Ocantos showcased their latest vibrant collection « Dreams » for their sophomore participation at Feeric. The designer duo’s origins began in shoes and has progressively graduated onto furniture, accessories and ready-to-wear since their debut 6 years ago.

The inspiration here was Dreams – dreams of the future, of love, and of humanity seen through the eyes of de Biase and Ocantos. In the hallowed grounds of an ancient fortified church, their vivid creations stood out and gave us a glimpse of Argentinian heart and soul. The designers chose materials that fused well with geometric designs, merging art with fashion. The collection also marked the 2nd collaboration of Sarah Jessy Jones with exceptional leather good makers, Caresta to create matching accessories.

Feeric_CatchMichelle_CornelPetrus4 Feeric_CatchMichelle_CornelPetrus3
Feeric_CatchMichelle_CornelPetrus2 Feeric_CatchMichelle_CornelPetrus
Catch Michelle @ Feeric Fashion Week / Runway images by Cornel Petrus


London-based Mihaela Teleaga studied at the Istituto Marangoni and earned her stripes as a pattern maker for Vivienne Westwood before lauching her brand Catch Michelle in 2013. Her FW2016 collection « Dream Walker » presented during the Feeric Gala underlines surrealist narratives which draw upon Sigmund Freud, Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch as sources of inspiration.

Her fun, quirky collection made with natural fibers highlighted the dreams that influenced Teleaga – surrealist concepts exploring hysteria, human egos and sexual pleasures. Signs of this could be spotted in the super-long sleeves, oversized clothespins, massive bags, and provocative imagery (by Romanian painter Mihai Criste) emblazoned onto skirts, coats and trousers. Models were seen in pigtails to accompany the palette of pale pinks, greys and earthly yellows, but the daring prints swayed the collection from being anything but girly.


Feeric_PimpiSmith_CornelPetrus Feeric_PimpiSmith_CornelPetrus5

Argentinian designer Pimpi Smith paid homage to her country’s iconic Evita Peron through her collection of eye-catching handcrafted handbags. Each embroidered clutch was decked out with sequins, feathers and beads while bright pop art portraits of Evita herself brought a modern touch to her pieces.

Feeric_VasilijeKovacev_CornelPetrus Feeric_VasilijeKovacev_CornelPetrus2

Serbian designer Vasilije Kovacev presented his collection Odyssey 3, inspired by journeys, a mostly black ensemble that was disrupted only by a spattering of greys and whites. His handiwork shone in the attention to detail and the marrying of tulle, silk, leather, and metal elements which gave an energetic dimension on the classic Little Black Dress.

Feeric_IrinaDutuZgaia_CornelPetrus Feeric_IrinaDutuZgaia_CornelPetrus2

On the other end of the spectrum, Romanian designer Irina Dutu Zgaia offered an all-white selection of garments that experimented with textures and structural elements. Chunky wool knits were deconstructed and paired with see-through lace, reminiscent of the calculated chaos in Japanese aesthetics.

 Pimpi Smith, Vasilije Kovacev and Irina Dutu Zgaia @ Feeric Fashion Week / Runway images by Cornel Petrus