Welcome to PEPLVM Magazine.

Peplum is a Latin word derived from the ancient Greek word πέπλος / peplos (meaning “tunic”). It is a genre which takes place during the Antiquity and is loaded with meaning, since Antiquity is one of the recurring sources of inspiration for many.

PEPLVM is the fruit born from the passion and love of creating beautiful imagery with a purpose, followed by the strong desire to share these images with the world. We share these images that inspire us,  in hopes to inspire and influence others who appreciate all aspects of the fashion industry.

We have chosen to collaborate with talented artists we respect and whose work we are constantly impressed with, be it in our bi-annual print issue, or exclusively for our online site.

Photographers, Stylists, Make-up Artists, Hairstylists, Videographers, Graphic Artists, Writers, and Models played the main part in the creation of this magazine, and we can see how each of them have poured out their hearts and souls onto our pages…






Robin Navarro-Harraga

Editorial Director
Charin Chong

Beauty Editor

Fanny Maurer

Video Director
Marianne BP


Digital Creative Director
Jules Raynal

Fashion Editor
Julien Mazzoli

Design Director
Guillaume Saix

French Copy Editor
Patxi Garat



PEPLVM Magazine accepts exclusive submissions for its online site. Please send an email with low resolution images as well as the team credits and styling to submissions@peplvm-magazine.com.



For any advertising inquiries or to ask for our Media Kit, contact us at contact@peplvm-magazine.com.


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